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Welcome to the Photoshop Education Forums. The forums is an extension of the Photoshop Education Website.

The number 1 reason for this forum is because of users like yourself. Most of our emails fall under 3 categories: 1). Thank you emails, 2). Need help or requesting a tutorial, or 3). Ask or suggest a forum. Back in October 2009, we discussed in our group on adding a forum. We delayed the forums do to the fact we were hoping to launch our own domain. From the start we have NOT advertised and currently do NOT make any money from our site. This means, we can’t afford our own domain at this time. We felt it was important to launch the forums now instead of waiting another 5 Months.

The goal of the forum is simple. We want to create communication with the other Photoshop users and to be able help graphic users with this confusing program. Along the way, we will be posting mini-tutorials that will not be published on our website. We will allow users to create mini-tutorials and post more quick tips and tricks, plus help other users with their questions. We ALL must work together to answer the users questions. Remember, this is a community of Photoshop users that need help with certain areas of this complex graphics program. You may not know the complete answer to the question, but feel free to post what information you know about the subject. We do not claim to be Photoshop professional users, so it is up to everyone to pitch in to help each other. Together we all can become Photoshop gurus.

As you post, your forum rank will change. Based on the number of posts, you can range from a “Student” to a “Photoshop Guru”. As the forum grows, we will try to fix (we have no knowledge of HTML) any errors that the users find. We have spent a fair amount of time with a “Test” account trying to break the forums. If you find any errors for the forums or the website, feel free to post them in the Website/Forum Issues section.

Together let’s make this the largest forum on the Internet that helps beginner/intermediate Photoshop users.


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